Sex Education

Is the sex education offered to your school-aged children inaccurate, ineffective, and ungodly?

All About Sex: God's Plan for Tweens and Teens is an online course that provides positive, empowering, pro-life sex education completed in the privacy of your own home.
  • Are your children or their friends confused about whether they are a boy or a girl?

    Growing numbers of former transgender people are expressing regret for trying to change from man to woman or woman to man. All About Sex explains the science and the psychological effects of transgenderism.

  • Are you afraid that your children will think that sex is no big deal?

    "Hooking up" is normal everyday talk for having sex without a relationship. Talk of hooking up is all around your children, even in online games. All About Sex explains how their brains respond to monogamous sex and hook ups.

  • Are you concerned your children will miss out on important information about STIs/STDs, contraceptives, & pregnancy?

    No need to worry. They'll be well-educated on medical information—PLUS neuroscience and psychological research on transgenderism, abortion, and relationships.